Kinderpillar PreSchool, Lucknow

Address:10/1 Bahar, Sahara State, Janakipuram, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-226021

Phone: 9453326532

Helpline No. 9971516996
CLASSES: Play Group

Kinder Math Smart: Sharpening logical thinking and the ability to calculate, quantify, carry out mathematical operations, recognize patterns and numbers.
Kinder Word Smart: Developing oral and written language skills and the appreciation of words and vocabulary through reading, writing and storytelling.
Kinder Design Smart: Developing creative-aesthetic skills of visualization, building , drawing and design .
Kinder Music Smart: Sharpening the ability to recognize, create, reproduce, and reflect on music through rhythm, singing and making music.
Kinder Nature Smart: Building a keen appreciation and understanding of the natural environment and living things.
Kinder Body Smart: Building exceptional control over oneís bodily expression through movement and physical activity.
Kinder People Smart: Developing effective person-to-person communication, sensitivity to others, qualities of leadership and the ability to work together in groups.
Kinder Me Smart: Creating better awareness of the inner world of the self and getting in touch with oneís emotions, values, beliefs and thoughts.

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Updated on: [August 18, 2017]

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