Kangaroo Kids Pre School, Kanpur

Address:133/59-B, Juhi, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh-208014

Phone: 0512 3278195
Website: billabonghighkanpur.com
Helpline No. 9971516996
CLASSES: Play Group

Welcome to our website! We hope that it will give you a feel for Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School and that you will want to come and visit us. The school offers an exciting, stimulating and challenging environment for learning.

The School is one of the foremost centers of academic excellence in the country- a reputation due not only to itís pupils unrivaled examination results but even more importantly, because of their enjoyment of academic inquiry, debate and search for explanation well beyond the published syllabus.

In addition, students enhance both their intellectual and social development by taking full advantage of the many opportunities that are offered in sports, music, drama, debating, community service and other forms of civic engagement.

Our curriculum is geared towards providing real world skills to our students, real learning they require to succeed. Computational thinking is a skill that empowers and one that all pupils should be aware of and develop in confidence. Pupils who can think computationally are better able to conceptualize, understand and use computer based technology and are thus, better prepared for todayís world and the future. We have integrated ipad learning in our schools while teaching programming to have our students achieve more.

One thing we can say is that pupils joining us settle in very quickly and happily and make a great success of their time here !

Come and find out for yourselves. We look forward to meeting you!

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Updated on: [May 04, 2018]

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