W John Multipurpose Boarding School, Ranchi

Piska Nagri, Ranchi, Jharkhand-835303

Website: www.wjohnschool.org
Helpline No. 9971516996
CLASSES: Kindergarten to XIIth

The following conduct are prohibited,
Propagation of immoral ideas contrary to the social norms of the school.
Swearing and using profane language.
Reading pornography. Film magazines, obscene literatures etc.
Stealing or cheating in the test and in the examination.
Wearing jewllery such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, medals and other objectionable items.
Possessing weapons. Knife, radio, stove and electrical appliances in the hostel.
Leaving campus without proper authorization.
Bossism, gundaism, hoogliganism and bringing persons form outside into the school campus and into the hostel without permission from the principal.
Possessing or using alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs or narcotics in any form.
Loitering or wasting precious time of learning.
Damaging the school property and the hostel property.
Threatening students.
Writing, scribbling, splashing ink or color on the walls, in the school building and in the hostel.
Students are expected to handle very carefully the chairs. Tables library books, Lab equipments etc. If any student damages the school property he /she has to pay fine for it to replace it.
Girls are not allowed to wear sleeveless and low-necked blouse and dress.
Boys are not allowed to keep long hair covering the ears and the collar of the shirt.

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Updated on: [October 24, 2017]

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