Nirmal Public Sr Sec School, Noorpur

Address:Dhampur Road, Distt- Bijnor, Noorpur, Uttar Pradesh-246734

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Change in the law of nature, ever y thing of the universe must change, Similarly a change came in the era of NIRMAL PUBLIC SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL with the new coming session, The emphasis is an conceptual classification through experimental learning the classroom has become a part of curriculum. The scheme continuous and comprehensive evaluation launched by CBSE Board is perfectly followed by us. Each term is assessed on the basis of Formative and Summative Assessments. Formative assessment is the tool used by the teachers to continuously monitor students progress in non threatening and supportive environment to provide diagnostic remedies and effective feedback to students we have started activities from class LKG to X . These activities are not restricted up to paper pencil test. There are other means of testing such as through quizzes, conversations, debates, oral testing, visual testing, projects, practical, assignments and ASL. In subjects like English and Hindi listing and speaking skills are formulated through debates on various articles. The Co-scholastic areas like life skills attitudes and values, participation and achievement In activities involving literacy creative skills, scientific skills, sports skills are also evaluated. This new pattern has really brought a change in studentís attitude towards scholastic activities,, hence education is not preparation for life but education is life itself.

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