Sri Bharathi Vidhyashram Matric Hr Sec School

Address:Vellore Main Road, Arani, Tamil Nadu-632314

Phone: 9360104445

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General Helpline No.: 9971516996 (or SMS 'CALL')
CLASSES: Senior Secondary

The school attaches great importance to involvement and participation of our students in the learning process throughout the years. We strongly believe that a student cannot be fairly evaluated on the basis of his/her performance in the end of term examination only.

We use a continuous comprehensive assessment system based on clearly defined performance measures that yield valid and reliable results.In the continuous assessment system, the grades scored by a student will be a combination of the written test/exam and the marks awarded for Class Work, Home Work, Science Projects, behavior, attendance and effort throughout the term.

Thus a studentís end of term grade will give an accurate reflection of his/her effort and attainment throughout the school year.For each team, mid-term exams as well as end-of-term exams are conducted to evaluate the studentís progress throughout year and test their academic abilities and achievements.

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