St Marys School, Jajpur

Address:Kanheipur, Jajpur Road, Jajpur, Odisha-755019

Phone: 06726 220393

Helpline No. 9971516996

St. Mary's School is a co-educational English Medium School established in 1976. The school is dedicated to the divine patronage of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as the very name indicates. It is an institution managed by the Cuttack Roman Catholic Diocesan Corporation, and administered by the Sisters of the Handmaids of Mary. Education here is open to children of all Caste and creed. St. Mary's aims at building up a better nation of people who will serve God and their fellowmen in a sprit of truth and love and be ready to face the challenges of life. Therefore, the intellectual, cultural moral and physical development of the pupils receives the utmost care from the earliest stages. Formation of character is given primary importance.
The school desires to instill in the pupils a sense of discipline and hard work, through regular study, disciplined behavior and an attitude of commitment. Literary competitions, sports and games, cultural events, exhibitions, school fete, seminars and work-shops, participation in inter-school competitions, scholarship examinations, etc. are aimed at preparing our students to face the challenges of a highly competitive world today.

Our school goal, "SERVICE THROUGH EXCELLENCE", gives us added incentive towards a reflective life as well as prepare the students to take leadership roles to serve society through excellence in all their endeavors. "EXCELSIOR" is a biennial school Magazine to give expression to the creative writings of our budding literary geniuses. "MARIAN S' MATRIX" is a fortnightly news bulletin, reported and edited by students themselves. The school organizes an annual cricket tournament "Tarun Memorial Cricket Tournament,", named after a student of the school , late Tarun Samal .

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