Suffah English High School, Akola

Address:Akot Road, Akola, Maharashtra-444001

Phone: 0724 2800982
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General Helpline No.: 9971516996 (or SMS 'CALL')
CLASSES: High School

UFFAH FOUNDATION came into existence in 2000 through the tireless efforts of its founders; it symbolises the unflinching and resolute commitment of these great visionaries in bringing about socio-economic transformation of common masses, in general, and Muslims, in particular through the vehicle of education.

“the movement of SUFFAH FOUNDATION is a struggle for education and cultural renaissance. It will prepare a blueprint for

Indian Muslims which may focus on Islam but simultaneously evolve a national culture for common Indian. It will lay the foundation of the thinking that true religious education will promote patriotism and national integration among Indian Muslims, who will be proud to take part in the future progress of India, which will play its part in the comity of nations for peace and development. The objective of establishment of SUFFAH FOUNDATION will be to lay down the common curriculum for Indian Muslims taking into account the future challenges and will prepare the children to be masters of future”.

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Updated on: [December 27, 2017]

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