Shri Karni Vidhya Mandir, Pokaran

Address:Ambedkar Colony, Dist - Jaisalmer, Pokaran, Rajasthan-222901

Phone: 8963856834, 9414293451
9414050671, 9414470401
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General Helpline No.: 9971516996 (or SMS 'CALL')
CLASSES: High School

KVM School is a premium institute offering high class education right at home in Pokaran.
The Blend of Quality Education in a serene environment, away from the traffic and Pollution or city disturbance makes it an ideal abode of learning.
Provide quality and skill based education.
Create high level of intellectual abilities among our students
We have all the facilities to help you in extra curricular activities of your child choice and option.
Provide educational consultancy to our student
At KVM you will live some of the best years of your life, we help you grow into Confident and responsible adults
Experienced and well qualified trained teachers team
Selected and limited students in each class
Facilities are available - school buses, play ground, airy class rooms, day boarding, CCTV camera in each class, school's own website facility, class furniture and proper sitting management.

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Updated on: [August 21, 2019]

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