Academic Heights Public School, Chandanagar

Address:1-33/3/8/9 Kailashnagar Colony, Chandanagar, Sridevi Theater Lane, Hyderabad, Telengana-500050

Phone: 040 65864989, 65267151

Helpline No. 9971516996

AHPS is one of the most prominent secondary schools of India which has become the hallmark, in the field of education. The school is well known for its innovative teaching, methodologies, academic and cultural achievements. Its aim is to lay the foundation of studentsí life and spread the divine light of education by nurturing all its students.
AHPS also endeavors to transform the entire education scenario of the nation by incorporating extensive measures in shaping the young brains on contemporary and futuristic issues.

We believe that Excellence in learning should not be limited within the classroom but should reach beyond it.That is why , we want our students in a learning mode throughout their life. They should grow up into knowledgeable and compassionate adults so that they become professionals well versed in modern technology.We think that the progress in today's world can be achieved through active participation, to be passionate about their goals and to value excellence.

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Updated on: [November 09, 2017]

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