St Andrews School, Bareilly

Address:Subhash Nagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 9219401670

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General Helpline No.: 9971516996
CLASSES: Senior Secondary


Instrumental Music:
Our instrumental music teacher visits 1 day per week for students who are interested in playing strings instruments or drums.

Sport is timetabled every Wednesday afternoon. At other times, students have a range of enrichment activities to select from.

Home-Work And Projects:
We believe that regular homework and home study are valuable aspects of the learning process: Project Work is an essential part of the curriculum and has great weight- age in the final result. It is expected of every Student to take interest and present their projects on time.

Student Activities:
School Excursions; Many subject areas have one day field trips where students can gain practical skills in their area of interest. Debates, Quizzes, Competitions, Extempore, Storytelling, Speeches and other activities are often conducted from time to time and are informed in the School.

School Social Events:
These are organized by the student representative council and takes place periodically during the year. All students of St. Andrew's Higher Secondary School are invited to attend and take part in the activities.

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Updated on: [September 22, 2017]

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