Vibrant Waves International Academy, Vadodara

Address:Gyantirth Campus, Opp. Baroda Central Co-op. Bank, Bajwa Refinery Road, PO Bajwa, Vadodara, Gujarat-391310

Phone: 7575801942

Helpline No. 9971516996
CLASSES: Sr Secondary

The word guru refers to a person who has the phenomenal potential of taking you beyond not just your pain and suffering but beyond what you know of as yourself, thereby throwing open doors to higher worlds and experiences that have the power to bring about a transformation in you.
A guru-shishya relationship is beyond the maya or illusion of a commercial transaction. A true guru does not charge a material fee for what he gives you, for the material is maya and it binds you to the physical and someone who is bound by the physical cannot take you beyond what you are right now. Vedic philosophy gives highest place and regard to the guru.
The guru is not a physical being; guru is enery, and in this form he is considered even higher than Parabraham, the divine consciousness.

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