St Colombus School, Gole Market

Address:1, Ashok Place, Near Gole Dakhana, Gole Market, New Delhi, -110001

Phone: 011-23363462, 23363134

Helpline No. 9971516996

The St. Colurnba’s story began in 1940 when Reverend Sylvester Patrick Mulligan, the Archbishop of Delhi granted the Congregation of Christian Brothers a permanent lease of three acres of land to start a school. The Archbishop believed the new school would be “a monument to the educational zeal of the Christian Brothers”. His generosity was not misplaced for the Christian Brothers had indeed established a fine reputation as leading educationists. And they lived up to Reverend Mulligan’s expectations by beginning classes even before the school building was ready. Four Christian Brothers and three teachers began classes for the first batch of 32 students on 7* January, 1941, in tents pitched on land allotted to them near Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi.

The school building developed into an elegant edifice under the careful supervision of Brother Columban Doheny. Its classical architecture merited a befitting name and it was called St. Columba’s, to honour the Irish saint known as the “Dove of the Church”. In naming their new venture after the Saint, the Christian Brothers hoped the school’s students would imbibe his many virtues and values - firm resolve, perseverance, dedication, commitment, brotherhood, service to others and pride in one’s self.

St. Columba’s School officially opened on 29th April, 1941 with Brother R E Butler as its first principal. The new school grew in stature under a succession of dedicated principals and soon became the most sought after school for boys in Delhi. in July, St. Columba’s was granted affiliation to Cambridge University for the Senior Cambridge examination. The first tour senior students sat for the exam the following December while 8 junior school students took the Junior Cambridge examination.

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